Economic Impact

The positive economic impact on a community of a prospering airport is undeniable. When the airport is doing well the entire community is positively affected. For example take a look at the numbers from this study done by Joan McDonald the Commissioner of New York State Department of Transportation on the economic impact of aviation in New York State.

Oneonta Municipal Airport is the closest paved airport to Cooperstown, which is located
20 miles to the north. The airport features services such as air ambulance, air cargo, air taxi and
charter service. Tourism is one of Otsego County’s largest industries. In this regard, Oneonta
Municipal is the primary general aviation gateway to Cooperstown, home of the National
Baseball Hall of Fame. During major ceremonies or inductions at Cooperstown, Oneonta
Municipal is filled to parking capacity with high-performance aircraft. The airport plays a key
role in the transportation of sports figures, dignitaries and other visitors to the area. While the
airport is used heavily in the summer for regional attractions, it serves many other strategic
purposes including business transportation, new business development, medevac, law
enforcement and others.

Study surveys of sponsors and businesses revealed that 15 full- and part-time jobs and
$1.6 million in expenditures are the direct result of on-airport businesses, including airport
sponsor expenditures, and visitor spending at the airport. Including indirect expenditures, the
total impact for Oneonta Municipal Airport was $2.2 million, supporting 20 jobs.

Our duty is to the community of Oneonta and the surrounding areas. We've grown exponentially in the last few years and as a result of have been developing new projects and job offering opportunities for the people of the region. We love Oneonta and the surrounding areas and are proud to be serving them and all their aviation needs.